Elizabeth McClelland - Professional UK based Forensic Voice and Speech Analyst Elizabeth McClelland is an experienced professional forensic voice and speech analyst based in the UK Elizabeth McClelland voice speech analyst forensic voice analyst
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Elizabeth McClelland offices in Edinburgh and London in the UK
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Elizabeth McClelland - Forensic Voice & Speech Analyst

Elizabeth McClelland is a highly qualified and experienced expert in phonetic science who has worked on over 1800 voice identification cases, including high profile crime in areas such as fraud, counter-terrorism, murder, kidnap, blackmail and drug dealing.

Expert opinion in Forensic Voice Identification (more properly called Voice Comparison Analysis) is used in criminal and civil cases to provide evidence on whether or not voices in speech samples are consistent or non- consistent with the speech in the recordings having originated from the same speaker.

Forensic voice analysts use an established methodology which involves comparison of a known (reference) sample of a suspect’s voice against a questioned (disputed) voice in recordings that are being used evidentially. The reference and questioned speech samples are subjected to phonetic, acoustic and linguistic testing within a range of parameters, including assessment of accent type, examination of vowel and consonant pronunciations, rhythm, intonation, voice quality, language use and fluency. Speaker identification conclusions will also take into account the possibility of voice disguise in the reference and questioned speech samples.

Other areas of work undertaken include decoding of disputed sections of utterance, transcription of poor quality recordings and accent location

Elizabeth McClelland MA, MSc (Phonetics), MSc (Applied Linguistics) is a founder member of the International Association of Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA), served on the Executive Committee for nine years and is currently a member of the association’s Professional Conduct Committee. Elizabeth is a member of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians and a founding member of the Expert Witness Institute.

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Elizabeth McClelland
Elizabeth McClelland is a professional experienced forensic voice analyst and speech analyst with offices in Edinburgh and London in the UK

Elizabeth McClelland

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